The Winchester March is about the future of Winchester.  It will be non-political and peaceful.

click here to send an email to join our mailing list. The individuals and groups taking part in The March may have different concerns for different issues or developments currently affecting the city, but the message of The March is that there is a need:

• to preserve and enhance the historic character of the city

• to provide homes, retail and commercial facilities and to promote economic activity in a sensitive and attractive way

• for a rational transport policy which encourages use of public transport but which also accommodates private transport

• for a progressive and pragmatic approach to environmental and quality of life issues

• for a master plan to highlight and to consider the future of the city

• for intelligent and transparent governance and for the Council to consult sincerely with the public

The Winchester March wants to promote a cultural change in the way the City Council works, and it wants this beautiful city to remain so by acting upon a vision and an understanding of what makes Winchester special.

This message will get through to the Council only if as many groups, individuals and families as possible join The March.

Please, please join


11.00 am Gather at North Walls Recreation Ground
(next to the tennis courts)

11.30 am Set off on The March to The Guildhall

12.00 midday Deliver message and listen to short speeches

12.30 pm Go off to enjoy the rest of the weekend

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